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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I use my Waxberry Oil Candle?                                                                            Back to Questions
Remove and discard the paper seal from the lid.

The Paper seal is only used to prevent shoppers from opening the candle before purchase.
Unscrew the lid from the jar.

Turn the lid over, being careful not to drip lamp oil on furniture, clothing or other items the oil may stain.
Remove the plastic seal under the lid.

We recommend that you keep this seal so you are able to re-seal the candle if you would like to store it at some point in the future.

Uncoil the wick and insert it into the lamp oil in the jar.  

Work the wick down into the oil at least two inches or more.  You may need to remove or shift some of the candle's contents in order to submerge the wick.  Make sure your candle is full of lamp oil to the jar threads and the wick travels straight down into the oil.

The wick is fiberglass so you never need to replace or trim it.  However, the wick can be damaged if you burn the candle without enough oil, so keep your candle full.
If you like fragrance, you may add Waxberry Scented Oil to the fragrance stone attached to the lid.  Apply 10-12 drops then wait until the stone appears dry to the touch before lighting.

Waxberry Oil Candles are designed to produce a very mild aroma that can be enjoyed in the vicinity of the candle.
Before lighting, check the height of the exposed wick loop, making sure it does not exceed 1/8 of an inch.  If you need to make adjustments, simply pull or push the wick to the desired height.  

If you have too much wick out...the flame will be too high and may smoke.  If the wick is too low...the wick may not light or have an attractive flame height.

Now, light and enjoy!   Back to Questions 
How long will my candle burn before I need to refill it with smokeless lamp oil?                         
It depends upon what size of candle you have and the contents inside.  The small and the taper will burn about 12-16 hours.  The Anfora and Square...about 20-40 hours. The Large Anfora...about 30-50 hours.  Remember, the oil will only burn down about 2 inches from the jar rim and then the wick won't draw up any more oil, even though there is oil left in the jar.   
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Where can I purchase the refill lamp oil and what kind of oil do I buy?
Use only 99% pure, smokeless candle and lamp oil in a Waxberry Oil candle.  We sell the refill oil on our web site but it can also be found at local retailers.  Just make sure the bottle says SMOKELESS!  There is a big difference between regular lamp oil and smokeless lamp oil.   
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Where can I purchase the fragrance oil?
We only recommend the Waxberry brand of fragrance and that can be purchased online at this web site.  We do not recommend other brands because we do not know how they may react to the heat of the flame.   
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What is a fiberglass wick and why does it last so long?
A fiberglass wick is basically fiberglass strands that have been braded into a rope.  Unlike cotton wicks used in wax candles, fiberglass wicks do not actually burn up and turn to soot.  It is braded to absorb the smokeless lamp oil, which is the fule.  Only the lamp oil is burning, not the wick.  As a result, Waxberry Oil Candles are smokeless.   
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How do I extinguish the flame...do I just blow it out like a regular candle?
Yes, just blow it out like you would a wax candle or use a candle snuffer.   
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I am alergic to fragrance...does my Waxberry candle have to be scented?
Waxberry candles can be unscented.  Just allow the fragrance that is on the stone to wear off and don't add any more scent oil.  It will take about 10-12 hours of burn time to wear off the fragrance.   
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How long will the fragrance last when I burn my candle?
When you put the recommended 10-12 drops of fragrance on the stone, the fragrance will last about 12 hours before it wears off.  Remember to allow the fragrance oil to soak into the stone before lighting.   
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I would like to sell Waxberry candles in my store...do you sell to stores?
For many years we have sold to stores.  We are in the process of reinventing our wholesale / distributor requirements at this time and are only taking information for new accounts.  If you would like to be considered to become a new account...please email or call us with your store information.  Thank you for your interest.  
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My wick won't light or has a small flame...am I doing something wrong?
Here are some trouble shooting steps for this problem.

1.  Be sure that the plastic seal has been removed under the lid and that the wick is in the oil.

2.  Is the wick curled up on top of any contents?  If so, the wick may be drying out before the oil can make it to the top of the wick where you light it.

3.  Is the candle completely full of lamp oil?  Full means about 1/4-1/2 inch below the rim of the jar.  Sometimes the contents will absorb some of the lamp oil, especially on the larger candles.  If this is the case, the oil may be too low to function properly.  This is the most common cause for a small flame or no flame at all.  Remember, be sure to refill with only smokeless lamp oil.

4.  Burning the candle too long without refilling the oil can damage the wick.  Basically, if you burn the candle without enough oil, the wick can scorch and essentially melt the fibers together.  This disables the wicking ability and oil can not flow properly through it.  If this is the case...you will need a new wick which can be purchased on this web site.  Click on the Oil Candle tab at the top menu to find replacement parts.

If your candle still won't light properly after making any of the above corrections, please feel free to give us a call or email us.  We will do our best to get your candle functioning properly.
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Do you sell wicks and replacement parts for my Waxberry candles?
Yes, we do.  Just click on the Oil Candle tab on the top menu and look for replacement parts.  Typically, you should not need to replace or trim your wick because it is fiberglass and lasts forever.  However, it is possible to damage your wick by burning your candle without enough oil...in which case, you would need to replace it.  
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I saw an item in your booth, at a show, but I don't see it on your web site.
That is quite possible.  Many items we sell at shows are a one time, seasonal purchase.  We are slways bringing something new in home decor or other catagories to keep our customers coming back.  If you fell in love with a flying pig, a mirrored tray or any other item you "have to have"....feel free to contact us.  Chances are, we have one left, hiding in our warehouse - with your name on it.
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How do I use my 2" wax candle in a candle warmer?
Our wax candle cubes can be lit and used like a regular candle or you can melt it in a candle warmer.  If you choose to use a warmer, there is no need to light the candle.  First, make sure your warmer dish is large enough to contain the cube once the wax has melted.  Then, simply place the cube in the warmer dish and turn the warmer on.  What is the advantage?  Your candle will throw fragrance 4 to 5 times longer than if you light it.  Also, the fragrance is stronger because there is a larger surface area of melted wax exposed to the air.  This option is also good for people who do not wish to have an open flame yet love scenting their home or work space. 

Shop our selection of candle warmers on the Decor & More page.
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