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Fragrance Oil
Waxberry Scented Oil can be applied to the fragrance stone, 
attached to the top of Waxberry Oil Candles.  

Simply apply 10-12 drops of scent oil to the stone, wait five minuites to allow the fragrance oil to penetrate and dry.  Once the stone appears dry to the touch, you may light your candle.   Waxberry candles are mildly fragrant.  

Consider using Waxberry scent oil to refresh potpourri, 
re-scent spent wax in candle warmers, or place a few drops on your vacuum cleaner bag
 to give your house a fresh scent.  

Waxberry fragrance oil comes in a .3 fluid oz. bottle with a reducer / dropper 
for easy application.

One bottle will give approxamately 100 hours of fragrance.
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