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At Waxberry, it all starts with design.
What colors are hot, decorating trends, the overall mood of how people are feeling and what season we are designing for...this all factors in.  Then, after we've done our homework, we allow inspiration to set in and start experimenting with materials, colors and patterns that will reflect the outcome we are trying to achieve.
Our materials are imported from all over the world...glass from Italy, repens from South Africa, quince from India, silk flowers from China...in addition to many domestic materials such as wheat grass, pomegranates and artichokes.  We search everywhere for the finest materials that will translate into exceptional products of quality and beauty.  

After the composition has been refined, we teach each "candle maker" how to recreate our designs.  Most of our candle makers are stay at home moms or retired gals who are bored of going on cruises (I wasn't sure that was possible but that's what I've been told).
After our candle makers complete their work of arranging contents inside the jars, the candles are brought back to our studio to be finished.  We have what we call "the line", which is basically a finishing line where we perfect, fill, cap, tag, label, scent, and box each candle with loving care.  Shown to the right is our filling machine, used to fill our candles with Waxberry Smokeless Lamp Oil.
The deer periodically check up on us to make sure we aren't slacking.
And here we see our "Quality Control" manager, Leo, 
sleeping on the job.....again.
It's hard to get good help these days.